FW Participant's Workbook

Fruitful Witness Participant’s Workbook


Its one thing to sit at home or your office and watch a collection of videos on becoming a Fruitful Witness – the true impact will be felt once you take this teaching and begin applying it to your life with the help of the Participant’s Workbook. The Workbook includes a detailed description of the skill blocks found in each session, with additional resources, reflection questions, and activities to help you develop as a Fruitful Witness. It also includes assignments designed to be completed within the context of a small group.

FW Leaders Guide

Fruitful Witness Leader’s Guide


The Fruitful Witness training course is designed to be experienced within the context of a small group. This guide is a soup to nuts resource for starting, strengthening, and sustaining your Fruitful Witness group. Includes discussion guides for each gathering, helpful small group strategies, format suggestions, as well as a Leader’s version of the Participant’s Workbook.


Out of the Belly of the Whale

The first comprehensive handbook on Lifestyle Witnessing, and the backbone of the Fruitful Witness training. This volume is perfect if you simply want to explore the most compelling reasons for learning to be a witness, or are interested in applying these skills to your own life. If you have been to a training course, this book will serve as a refresher course and give more examples and practical tips in every area of Lifestyle Witnessing. Includes small group discussion questions for every chapter.

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Growing with God

Growing With God is the sequel to Exploring God without Getting Religious. It will teach the reader how to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus. A “must” for new followers of Christ, this book will demonstrate practical steps to create a fertile environment for your spiritual life to thrive. This book will help answer many of your questions as a new believer. Even those who have known Christ for awhile, will find helpful strategies to develop spiritual disciplines, new relationships, and to discover the richness of spiritual resources God has put at your fingertips.

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Exploring God Without Getting Religious

This easy to read book is written expressly for seekers. If you have a friend who is asking spiritual questions but who is not interested in church, this volume will speak to their need. Written in non-religious language, full of stories from real people, Exploring God clearly explains the difference between religion and having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

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The Jesus Plan

This is the book we recommend first for those who are interested in learning more about incarnational ministry, the blessings it can bring to your loved ones and the power it has to change lives. This slim volume will motivate and inspire believers to introduce family and friends to Jesus.

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Jesus at Work

Jesus at Work presents a biblical perspective which tells us God gives us work as a blessing. It is both the medium in which we discover our best self, and the principle place we get to be Jesus’ disciples. This book will teach you how to discover your own unique self and find a job you can really love. Finally, it teaches us how we can love the people God brings us in contact with through work.

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Sharing Faith with Family and Friends

Often, those we are closest to are the hardest for us with whom to talk about faith in Christ. We have created this free resource to provide practical tools for sharing faith with pre-Christians. It covers 21 topics relevant to the process of becoming a Fruitful Witness.

The first half of this digital resource offers insight on common problems in sharing faith and how to overcome these obstacles. The second half address the 12 most common “tough questions” non-Christians ask and provide guidelines for answering these questions from a compassionate biblical perspective.

This resource was developed by several large group discussions of young adults who are actually involved in sharing faith with family and friends. The result is an easy to digest format with many insights on how best to share faith with those you know.

This is a free digital download (mp3), but we please ask that you make a donation to the New Life Center.

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