In Jesus Wants to Save Christians, Rob Bell & Don Golden make the point that God called Moses into his unique role in history because he needed a body. They point out that God needs flesh & bones to explain to Pharaoh who God is and how He acts in the world. So Pharaoh will know and all of humanity will know.
Think about how God used Moses to accomplish His purposes. Moses met with the Israelites and (after 400 yrs in Egypt) told them God wanted them to be free. God intended to bless them with their own land, a land flowing with milk & honey. God had Moses speak to Pharaoh on behalf of His people, “Set my people free!” Then God had Moses demonstrate His power, which He committed to using to help free His people. The 10 plagues illustrated God’s power and finally convinced Pharaoh to free the Israelites. Then God convinced the Egyptians to turn over their wealth, parted the Red Sea and destroyed Pharaoh and his army.
God was able to do all this only because Moses was willing to serve as God’s flesh  & bones to redeem his people from Egypt. Where would the Israelites be today, if Moses had not been willing to serve?
In the same way, God is calling you and me to be His flesh & bones today – to be His hands and feet in redeeming a lost  world. We are called to be “Jesus With Skin On” to our family and friends, to the people we cross paths with during the course of our work.
Think about someone in your circle of influence who does not know Jesus. How will they ever meet God? How will they ever learn what God’s love & grace is like? How will they discover Jesus came & died on the Cross & was raised from the dead to set them free?
Are you willing to become Jesus With Skin On in their life so they can discover a relationship with our loving Father?