In case you’ve been on vacation in an Amazon jungle, I wanted to let you know my latest book has just been released. Jesus At Work: Living Your Faith In The Marketplace is now available on in either a print version or an electronic version compatible with the Kindle reader. My daughter Megan was kind enough to send me a photo of the cover after she bought it on her Kindle. If you don’t have it yet, wait a few days…we found one glitch (no page numbers) in the earliest copies. I’m sure Amazon will get this right in a day or so.

This volume is for Christians who are involved in the world of work, whether it is full time paid employment, full time unpaid labor, volunteer efforts, or even those in retirement. Unless you really are gaga, this book has powerful insights for your life.

Much to my surprise, I find many who call themselves Christians who wonder why they would need this book. The questions they are asking themselves on this topic: Does God care about work? Does God care about my work? Does God care about the people I work with? If you cannot answer in the affirmative to any of these questions, let alone to all three, you have to ask yourself about the nature of your god. Most adults spend over half of their waking hours involved in some form of work. If your god is only part time – only involved in 35% of your life, what kind of god is that? For too many people, they only feel God is involved in their lives in an active way on Sunday morning. Just for the few hours they are at church…about 1.7% of the week. What kind of god is that, who only cares about about 1.7% of your life?

Would you buy a car you could only use 1.7% of the time – the rest of the time you would have to hoof it? Would you buy insurance that was only in effect 1.7% of the time? Just hope when that teenager t bones your van with the whole family in the car, its during the little window when you are covered. That’s nuts!

God loves you all the time. He wants to be intimately involved in your life – all the time. God cares about work, about your work, and the people at your place of work. If you are not living for Jesus at work, you might want to seriously question whether you are actually a disciple? This book will teach you how God intends to bless you through work, how He can help you find work you can love, and how to love the people at your place of employment.