LaughLike a good laugh, faith is most often caught, not taught. My friend Rick’s Dad was an executive with ATT when he came to faith in Jesus. Rick was five years old. He recalls, ” The change in my Dad’s life was so dramatic! I was simply blown away by what a different person Dad became after his decision. From that point on, all I ever aspired to, was to follow Jesus, like my Dad. I wanted nothing more from life than the chance to let Jesus change me the way He changed my Dad – for the better.

If you want to see your kids catch your faith in Jesus, consider the way you live. Do you spend enough time with your kids for them to see Jesus alive in your life? Research shows that families who regularly eat dinner together are most successful at passing their values on to their kids.

Also work at being transparent. Let them see Jesus active in your everyday life. When you need wisdom – pray! With your family. When you have need of God’s help- pray! Together. Let them see you off taking time to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Share what God has been teaching you. Admit when you are wrong, and ask them for forgiveness too.